Sandro Sanna was born in 1950 in Macomer, Sardinia; then, in 1965, he moved to Rome where he currently lives and works. Starting from a very young age, while attending the Institute of Art in Rome, Sanna had the opportunity to get in touch with traditional art techniques, thanks to lessons from masters such as Uncini, Lorenzetti and Livi – all of whom are renowned for their ability to transmit knowledge with natural predisposition. In 1974, he began to teach at the Institute of Art and to paint with great commitment, searching for his personal styleIn 1975, he took part in the Tenth Quadriennale of Art in Rome. Since his first solo exhibition in 1979, he showed signs of a great autonomy which would then distinguish him throughout his productive yearsIt was in the ’80s and’ 90s that his style was fully manifested: through the proposal of a fantastic and alternative world, at the center of which there is “the light.” During this period, he brought to life Campi Magnetici and Tra la superfice e l’aria – large monochromes where the gestures and the marks are the protagonists of a work of great reduction of the image, rending the surface vibrating and disorienting. His intent is to go beyond the skin of the visible, beyond the enunciated reality of things. With an ever more attentive look towards chaos and cosmic harmony, the works Pietre and Geodi (1993), and later the Meteore, emerge as volumes between light and shadow, between gold and black.

He took part in the Art Biennial of Milan in 1989 and 1993, as well as in the Marche Prize in 1990. Also during this period, he produced personal exhibitions at Galleria Giulia in Rome in 1987 and 1990 with La luce formante, accompanied with text by Patrizia Ferri. Another element around which Sanna’s work is structured, beyond light, is the constant search for the changeability of the image. This element is obtained thanks to the use of metallic and synthetic microfilm, which have their own chromatic and reflective peculiarity and offer the viewer a constantly changing metamorphosis/mutation, activated by the observer’s own movement.

In the mid-nineties, Sanna composed the cycle of works “Bisanzio,” in which the surfaces are marked by luminous points that evoke three-dimensionality with objects capable of projecting their shadow onto the surface itself – like particles moved by the wind into a dusty wave of light that marks the darkness. This cycle of works was presented in ’94, through the care of Luigi Meneghelli, in a solo exhibition at the Galleria Giulia in Rome. Also in the subsequent elaborations – Muri d’acqua, Derive, Maglie e Derive and i Geodi – which constitute a natural evolution of the series of previous works – light and form are found to coincide in a single agglomeration of impalpable and reflecting material.

Sandro Sanna, Bisanzio Lunare, 135 cm x 135 cm ,Mixed Media on Canvas.jpg

Bisanzio Lunare


Mixed media on canvas

135 x 135 cm

David Kracov, U Claim the Planet!!!, 71 cm x 53 cm x 13 cm.jpg

Bisanzio B4H


Mixed media on canvas

120 x 120 cm

Sandro Sanna, Primigenia, 100 cm x 200 cm, Mixed Media on Canvas.jpg

Primigenia 3


Mixed media on canvas

200 x 100 cm

Sandro Sanna, Moon light, 100 cm x 200 cm, Mixed Media on Canvas.jpg

The Moonlight 2


Mixed media on canvas

200 x 100 cm




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