Leticia is a Spanish artist who enjoys creating art from everyday used and mostly disposed off items bringing them back in glitter and glamor.

She is best known for her extraordinary recycled collage monumental artworks on discarded cargo wood pallets indulging with many different media including dried tree branches, steel bars and anything she can find mostly in trash transforming them into remarkable luxury glamorous oeuvres d’art.

 She’s also an accomplished painter, her elaborate collage paintings infused with rhinestones, enamel and colorful acrylics on canvas embellished with glittering beads and stones, broken mirrors, safety pins to mention just a few of what she could put her hands on inspiring her to create these unique masterpieces.

 Her portraits are surrealized with different glittery and unusual elements giving them a new dimension and a special feel of glowing elegance.

 She gained several awards and her works adorn the walls of many discerning art lovers and collectors worldwide.

Francisco Portillo, Femme a la Panton, huile sue toile, 130 cm x 97 cm.jpg



Mixed media

100 x 100 cm

La Maja y Las Estrellas, oil and mixed media on canvas, 150 x 200 cm, 2018.jpg

La Maja y Las Estrellas


Mixed media

150 x 200 cm