The "courbisme" characterizes the work of the Spanish-born French artist Francisco Portillo, made of curves and lines. His subjects are unstructured, refined, minimalist. Abstraction rubs shoulders with detail, creating a universe that is both destructured and complex, where courbisme becomes a mirror of cubism that has become sensual and carnal. This painter does not stop to seduce collectors, lambdas or more institutional. It is part of the closed circle of the Drouot quotation since 2012. The subjects are unstructured, refined, minimalist. No lines are randomly placed. He builds his characters as an architect his plans. Black, white and gray are the basic palette punctuated here and there with color. The painting is stretched to reveal no relief. The face and the profile offer us different images and yet represent the same person; who, moreover, can have many faces. Reality is not always such that our eyes see it.

Francisco Portillo, Femme a la Panton, huile sue toile, 130 cm x 97 cm.jpg

Femme A La Panton

Oil on canvas

112 x 91 cm

Francisco Portillo, portrait de Femme, huile sue toile, 116 cm x 89 cm.jpg

Portrait De Femme

Oil on canvas

116 x 89 cm

Francisco Portillo, Pose sur L'escalier, Oil on canvas, 97 x 162 cm..jpg

Pose Sur l'Escalier

Oil on canvas

162 x 97 cm

Femme Au Cactus Rose

Oil on canvas

130 x 97 cm