Established painter André Nadal reunites art & science and creates incredibly precise monochromic works composed of floating geometric shapes and breathtaking perspectives, directly inspired by his industrial design background. The alterations of the surface with a brush lift up the entire painting to a new dimension only visible by the reflection of the light and the shadows.  Through these fascinating optic constructions, Andre offers in-depth journey into a world of void and shadow – like an imaginary space odissey. His work carries the calm and profoundness of Japanase calligraphy with the modernity of technical blueprints.

Black is the dominant colour in most of Andre’s works. Colour of infinity, mystery and rigor, black is for Andre Nadal the absolute artistic quest. “Monochrome forces to overcome an artistic challenge: from the simplicity provided by one colour as compared to a full palette, an intense density must arise – this is where eventually the contradiction happens…”. With Andre Nadal, black backgrounds are artworks in themselves: with a brush and deep black oil paint, he creates alterations on the canvas resulting in intense patterns simply shaped by light and shadow. With an extremely precise gesture, the artist crosses, weaves and breaks the surface of the canvas to obtain complex matrices and reveal overlapping layers of painting. His oil paintings are actually three-dimensional objects themselves.

André Nadal was born in Oran; Algeria in 1952. At the age of 10 years old, after the liberation of Algeria, he moved with his family to France. In 1969, passionate about drawing, Nadal enrolls at the Fine Arts School of Perpignan to further his studies with an emphasis on technical drawing and architecture. After the birth of his daughter, Isabelle, in 1980, Nadal discovers abstract painting. In 1983 after multiple trips to the United States, Nadal decides to abandon technical drawing to devote himself solely to painting. His skill as technician and draughtsman distinguish his own abstract explorations in paint, which he readily incorporates within the body of his highly evolved and detailed conceptual works.

Nadal’s work continues to be highly regarded and collected. Since 2007, he has divided his time between his two studios in south of France and Paris.

Andre Nadal, Untitled, huile sur toile, 120 cmx 120 cm.JPG

Untitled (MDP200408)


Oil on canvas

120 x 120 cm


Untitled (BW50909)


Oil on canvas

100 x 100 cm




  • Galerie DUPRE&DUPRE Béziers (France)

  • Galerie BELAIRFINEART Genève (Switzerland)

  • Galerie Tatiana Tournemine, Gstaad (Switzerland) & Paris (France)

  • Canfin Gallery, Tarrytown, NY (USA)

  • 'So Fresh, so French', >french art studio (London, UK) 


Solo shows

  • Galerie Art & Emotion (Lausanne, Switzerland)

  • 31Galerie (Beach, Florida, USA)

Group shows

  • Galerie Belairfineart (Genève, Switzerland)

  • Galerie Tatiana Tournemine (Gstaad, Switzerland) 

  • Galerie Tatiana Tournemine (Paris, France)

  • Canfin Gallery (Tarrytown, NY, USA)


  • Galerie Sakah (Toulouse, France)

  • Galerie Porte Heureuse (Avon, France)

  • Galerie Radeski (Liège, Belgium)


  • Galerie Sakah (Toulouse, France)

  • Galerie de L'Europe (Paris, France)

  • Galerie Regis Dorval (Lille, France)


  • Galerie Sakah (Toulouse, France)

  • Galerie Art & Emotion (Lausanne, Switzerland)

  • Galerie Omagh (Paris, France) Galerie Nicole Gogat (Aigues Mortes, France)


  • Galerie Omagh (Paris, France) 

  • Galerie de Medicis (Paris, France)

  • Galerie Art (Gell, Belgium)

  • Galerie Tom Joy (Namur, Belgium)


  • Galerie Les Cimaises D’or (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

  • Galerie Venise Cadre (Casablanca, Maroc)

  • Galerie Lefeuvre (Paris, France)

  • Galerie Nicole Gogat (Aigues Mortes, France)