The artist lives in the Laurentians.

Training: Professional artist-painter for over 25 years, Chantal Malek also teaches painting techniques in oil and acrylic.

Medium: Acrylic spatula.

Artistic approach: Always looking to perfect her unique painting technique and style of expression that reflects her passion, the artistic fiber of Chantal Malek incorporates both abstract vision and love of color.

Exhibitions: Chantal Malek is represented by several art galleries in Quebec, in Beirut, she exhibited permanently at the gallery Les Plumes.

Collections: The paintings of Chantal Malek are in private and public collections worldwide.

Media coverage: October 2012; she appears on front cover of Trace Magazine. She also appeared in magazines; Idées de ma maison and Chez Soi (Spring 2015). The same year, an article covered the work of the artist in the art magazine Exposition.

Henri Lami, Cafe de Richelme, Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100cm.jpg


Mixed media on canvas

157 x 80 cm

a toi Beyrouth.jpg

A Toi Beyrouth

Mixed media on canvas

100 x 77 cm

Alain Lumbroso, Icones, photomontage, 130 cm x 100 cm.jpg


Mixed media on canvas, dyptique

128 x 97 cm

Chantal Malek, A Vous Deux,  128 x 97 cm,.jpg

A Vous Deux

Mixed media on canvas, dyptique

128 x 97 cm

Chantal Malek, Le Debut du Renouveau, 83 x 107,5 cm,.jpg

Le Debut Du Renouveau

Mixed media on canvas

83 x 107 cm

chantal malek, Immensite,techniques mixtes sur toile,  83 x 107,5 cm, 2018.jpg


Mixed media on canvas

83 x 107 cm

Chantal Malek, Desir, techniques mixtes sur toile, 108 x 81,5 cm, 2018.jpg


Mixed media on canvas

108 x 81 cm