Abelardo Hernandez is a Cuban artist, he grew up in Havana where he developed an intense creativity from an early age. His attraction to the murals, mosaics and sculpture led him to undertake studies at the Beaux Arts. Following this training, he decided to devote himself entirely to his artistic activity and explore different techniques (painting, sculpture, ceramics ...). He began by exposing Cuba and the United States. In 1993 he moved to Madrid and extends her career throughout Europe. Abelardo currently lives and works in Spain.

A painter and sculptor, he first prepares the background in a very original way using all kinds of coatings.

Then he superimposes different materials to create a character, an animal. He mixes all kinds of techniques always with this profusion of colors, the joy of life that emerges from each of his works.

An original work that always diversifies a little Horses, Geisha, African Women…

A rising, original and sparkling works, 3D in the service of painting…

Abelardo Hernandez,Craneo- 150 X 130 CM.jpg


Mixed media on canvas

150 x 130 cm